DevOps by the Numbers

More than a decade after the principles and practices of DevOps were first articulated, we have learned much about the art and science of delivering business value in the form of software. We have also learned that for all its potential benefits, the practice of DevOps comes with no guarantees.

This session reviews the claims of both DevOps evangelists and its discontents – and seeks to engage in a reckoning. What is the State of the DevOps State, 10 years and more after Ghent? With DevOps have we indeed found the Holy IT Grail? Or is that the job of “DevSecOps.” If not, what are we missing? And what does this tell us about the DevOps road ahead.

In posing such questions and exploring this particular terrain at the outset of DevSecOps@ONUG Spring ’22, we offer up an approach for navigating the thicket that is present-day DevOps and its important relatives DevSecOps and DevNetOps.


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