Constructing the Core: Building a Private AI Infrastructure for Large Corporations

Join us in this pivotal ONUG keynote session, where we will explore the intricate process of building a private AI infrastructure suitable for large corporations. Titled “Constructing the Core: Building a Private AI Infrastructure for Large Corporations,” this talk is crafted for professionals who are at the forefront of developing in-house AI capabilities on a grand scale. The session will provide a deep dive into the essential components required for a robust, scalable, and efficient AI environment, emphasizing data privacy and control. Attendees will gain insights into hardware, software, data strategy, talent requirements, compliance, ethical considerations, and cost management, forming a comprehensive framework for establishing advanced AI infrastructures.

Brief Agenda:

-Introduction to Private AI Infrastructure (5 minutes)
-Overview of AI infrastructure in the context of large corporations.
-Key Components of AI Infrastructure (15 minutes)
-Hardware Needs: GPUs, storage, and networking essentials.
-Software Essentials: AI frameworks, data tools, and deployment platforms.
-Data Strategy: Handling acquisition, integration, and security.
-Scalability, Reliability, and Compliance (10 minutes)
-Strategies for infrastructure scaling and ensuring high availability.
-Navigating the landscape of regulatory compliance and ethical AI.
-Talent, Expertise, and Cost Management (10 minutes)
-Building a skilled workforce for AI development and maintenance.
-Budgeting and managing operational costs for AI infrastructure.

Who Should Attend:

-IT Architects and Leaders from Large Corporations: Equip yourselves with knowledge to build and manage AI infrastructure.
-CIOs and Senior IT Executives: Understand the strategic impact and requirements of in-house AI.
-Data Scientists and AI Professionals: Learn about the backbone of large-scale AI applications.
-Business Strategists and Decision-Makers: Grasp the cost-benefit analysis of private AI infrastructure.
-Compliance and Security Experts: Stay abreast of legal and ethical considerations in AI deployment.

Key Takeaways:

-Comprehensive understanding of the components and steps involved in setting up a private AI infrastructure for large corporations.
-Strategies for effective infrastructure scalability, compliance, and financial management.
-Insightful knowledge on balancing the challenges and opportunities of in-house AI capabilities.
-This session is designed to be a thorough guide for those looking to navigate the complexities of implementing large-scale AI infrastructure, ensuring participants leave with actionable insights and a deeper understanding of the AI infrastructure landscape in large corporate settings.


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