Are You Ready for Hyperscale Service Providers?

In this session, we will explore the emergence of hyperscale service providers on the technology industry. Service providers are embracing a network that is programmable, on-demand with a cloud delivery model offering Network as a Service at hyperscale. We will discuss what hyperscale means, how it differs from traditional cloud services and the benefits it can provide for businesses. We will also cover the opportunity companies need to consider when working with hyperscale service providers. Additionally, the session will delve into the future of the field. How is it expected to evolve in the next few years, and what are the implications for businesses? The session will give you an in-depth understanding of what it takes to be ready for a world dominated by hyperscale service providers, and how to take advantage of the opportunities they provide as they deliver NaaS services at scale.

Session Outline:
What hyperscale service providers are and how they differ from traditional cloud services
The benefits and potential drawbacks of working with hyperscale Jeremy Legg service providers
Strategies for working effectively with hyperscale service providers
How On-demand WAN, network services and cloud access can be put to work to enable an agile IT.
The future of the field and the implication for businesses

Target Audience:

This session is intended for business leaders, IT professionals, and anyone interested in understanding the impact of hyperscale service providers on the technology industry.

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