AI Unleashed: Transforming the Enterprise Landscape

The ONUG Spring 2024 conference is set to host an invigorating keynote panel session, “AI Unleashed: Transforming the Enterprise Landscape.” This session will delve into the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on both business strategies and IT operations in large enterprises.
Panel Discussion Points:
AI in Business Strategy: How AI is reshaping strategic decision-making in large enterprises, from enhancing customer experiences to driving operational efficiencies.
AI in IT Operations: Examining AI’s role in transforming IT operations, including network management, cybersecurity, and data analytics.
Real-World Impact and Case Studies: Presenting case studies from leading enterprises that have integrated AI into their operations, discussing both successes and challenges.
Future Trends in Enterprise AI: Exploring upcoming trends and potential breakthroughs in AI that large enterprises should prepare for.
Ethical Considerations and Governance: Discussing the ethical implications of AI in business and IT, and the importance of robust governance frameworks.
Bridging the AI Talent Gap: Strategies for developing AI skills within existing teams and attracting AI talent to large enterprises.
AI-Driven Innovation: How AI is enabling new forms of innovation in products, services, and business models.

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