AI Networking: Beyond TCP/IP and Ethernet – Envisioning the Future

This ONUG session is crafted for network engineers and architects keen on exploring the revolutionary impact of Artificial Intelligence on the networking landscape. The session promises a deep dive into how AI is poised to redefine traditional networking paradigms. We’ll explore how AI is shaping the future of network design, management, and operation, bringing unprecedented benefits to consumers and the entire compute infrastructure. The session will address key questions: How will AI change the concept of routing, cost, and best effort routing? Is AI in networking more disruptive than the introduction of TCP/IP and Ethernet, which fueled the Internet revolution? Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of what these changes mean for the industry and your role in it.

Who Should Attend:

-Network Engineers and Architects: Discover how AI will revolutionize your field.
-IT Professionals: Understand the future impact of AI on network management and security.
-Industry Analysts: Gain insights into the next big shift in networking technology.
-Academics and Students: Learn about the cutting-edge intersection of AI and networking.
-Business Leaders: Explore how AI-driven networking can benefit your organization.

Key Takeaways:

-A comprehensive understanding of AI’s role in transforming networking.
-Insights into future trends and technologies in AI-driven networking.
-Strategies for adapting to and leveraging AI in network management and design.
-This session is designed to be provocative, challenging attendees to think critically about the future of networking and their role in an AI-driven landscape.

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