AI-Driven Networking: Transforming Network Security and QoS in the Era of SecDevOps

This session addresses the evolving landscape of networking in the context of application support, emphasizing the crucial role of AI in transforming network security and Quality of Service (QoS). As applications become increasingly central to business operations, the traditional methods of networking and security are being challenged. This session explores how AI can be integrated more deeply into SecDevOps processes, enhancing the security and efficiency of application deployment and operations.

We will also examine the paradigm shift from using AI merely for break/fix solutions and predictive analytics to a more strategic role where AI networking is directly tied to application policies. The focus will be on the importance of collecting and processing the right data sets, moving away from indiscriminate data collection towards a nuanced approach that leverages distributed and federated methods for optimal effectiveness.

-Introduction: The New Era of Networking and Application Support
-The Role of AI in SecDevOps and Network Security
-Beyond Break/Fix: AI as a Strategic Tool for Network QoS
-Case Studies: Successful Implementation of AI-Driven Networking

Who Should Attend

This session is ideal for network engineers, security professionals, IT managers, CTOs, software developers, and anyone involved in networking, security, and application deployment within an organization. It is especially beneficial for those looking to integrate AI into their networking strategies and SecDevOps processes.

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