Validating Security and Compliance in Hybrid, Multi-cloud Networks
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Validating Security and Compliance in Hybrid, Multi-cloud Networks

Enterprises large and small are adopting cloud infrastructure in order to improve agility and reduce costs. However, the transition to the public cloud introduces a new set of challenges for the network engineering, operations and security teams. Moving to the public cloud is akin to deploying networking gear from a completely new vendor in your data-center. Network teams need to familiarize themselves with new operating models, new terminology and a new set of capabilities and restrictions for connectivity and security.

To further complicate matters, the tools and processes built for on-premise networks and cloud networks are not the same. Bridging this gap is a huge challenge for organizations, as they look to benefit from the economics of cloud, while improving security and compliance of their end-to-end infrastructure.

In this webinar, Intentionet CEO Ratul Mahajan and Head of Product Samir Parikh joined ONUG’s Ted Turner to discuss how automated validation of security and compliance is achievable for hybrid multi-cloud networks.

What You Will Learn:

  • – Gain an understanding of the security and compliance challenges faced when adopting a hybrid multi-cloud strategy
  • – Gain insights into common network security deployment patterns of hybrid cloud networks
  • – Demo of automated security and compliance validation for your hybrid multi-cloud network with Batfish Enterprise.

Who Should Watch:

  • – Network Administrators, Network Engineers, Network Architects
  • – Network Security Engineers, Network Security Specialists
  • – Cloud Architects, Cloud Engineers, Cloud Security Engineers
  • – Network Operation Center (NOC) Personnel
  • – VP/Dir/Mgr of Network Operations, VP/Dir/Mgr of IT Operations, VP/Dir/Mgr of Cloud Operations
  • – CIOs, CTOs