Using AI/ML to Improve Networking in the New Work Reality
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Using AI/ML to Improve Networking in the New Work Reality

Once the worst has past, a significant percentage of knowledge workers will continue to work from home. For those that don’t, they may not return to their old office at all. But no matter where those employees sit, I.T. will be responsible for ensuring they get the network and application experiences they require to remain productive and engaged.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies have been applied to enterprise networks serving the traditional carpeted office environment, yielding a host of benefits ranging from reduced helpdesk tickets to more rapid troubleshooting to successful SLA maintenance. But how can those technologies enhance network manageability and employee experience in new work environments?

This webinar addresses that question, highlighting relevant use cases and complementary technologies and architectures that can help I.T. to more efficiently and effectively meet their users’ needs, wherever they’re located.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • Three potential work environments to plan for over the long term
  • How the use of AI/ML technologies can help I.T. to better ensure user experiences
  • Methods for addressing and considerations for work-from-home use cases

Job Titles

  • CIO
  • VP IT
  • Director of IT
  • IT Manager
  • Network Manager
  • Director of Network Operations
  • Cloud/Virtualization titles