NTT | What Is an Intelligent Network Fabric and Why Is It Critical to Your Digital Transformation?
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NTT | What Is an Intelligent Network Fabric and Why Is It Critical to Your Digital Transformation?

83.7% of organizations have accelerated their digital transformation strategy, according to NTT’s 2021 Global Managed Services Report. They’re focused on business outcomes that are underpinned by an agile, scalable, reliable, and secure infrastructure, to stay ahead of the competition. An intelligent and secure network is a critical element of the agile and scalable infrastructure that enables digital transformation. Most organizations jumpstart network modernization with an SD-WAN deployment, however SD-WAN, although necessary, is not sufficient to manage all the complexities and delivering on an end-to-end experience. 

Enterprises need to consider the benefits of a network fabric that is underpinned by software-defined technology, enables secure, reliable, and dynamic access to other elements of the IT stack, including cloud infrastructure, collaboration and, end points.

Hear how NTT has established an intelligent network fabric for organizations interested in optimizing end-user and customer experience, eliminating technical debt, and being ready to manage the return-to-work requirements. Network modernization initiatives include leveraging a software-defined network, optimizing network edge infrastructure and managing the integration of cloud and collaboration applications through an intelligent fabric. We’ll also discuss how a modernized network can positively impact revenue drivers and business outcomes, and why organizations are choosing NTT as a trusted service provider for cloud-optimized network services.


What Attendees Will Learn:

  • What are the critical elements of a network modernization initiative and how can they impact your business?
  • What are some of the considerations or options enterprises should evaluate as they migrate to a software-defined network?
  • How does a digitized network infrastructure enhance collaboration including user and customer experience while delivering high value to the functional business leaders?
  • How is the merger of network, cloud, and security becoming a critical success factor for IT transformation?
  • How does a modernized network positively impact revenue drivers for the organization? 


Who Should Attend?

  • Director IT
  • Network Manager
  • Network Director
  • Cloud Program Manager
  • Network Security leader