Network Management Plane: Out-of-Band and NetOps Together
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Network Management Plane: Out-of-Band and NetOps Together

Implementing virtualization and automation are key strategies when moving to an integrated DevOps model. Most IT organizations have already begun that journey, but the implementation of DevOps in Networking has been lagging, because a resilient network infrastructure is an enabler of DevOps for all other IT areas – an assumption that the physical network is always available. Therefore, most enterprises still manage their network infrastructure manually, with Network Engineers at a central site accessing device management ports through an Out-of-Band management system. In networking, regardless of how much an organization virtualizes or automates, the mission is always to connect point A to point B and, because of that, awareness of the physical layer and the need to manage physical devices is a constant necessity. Opengear is evolving out-of-band towards an always-on management plane that connects people to devices and supports automation by extending the reach of other management tools to the edge of the infrastructure.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • ♦   Out-of-Band Management: what it is and how it works
  • ♦   How you can create an always-on, secure resilient management plane for your network, from day one
  • ♦   Why the addition of NetOps Automation to a console server expands the reach of network engineers

Who Should Attend:

  • ♦   Enterprise to medium size business with a distributed network of offices, data centers, and edge locations
  • ♦   Network Engineers and Architects
  • ♦   Network & Infrastructure Directors, Team Leaders, and Managers