Automated Governance: An Organizational Imperative for Enterprise Digital Transformation
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Automated Governance: An Organizational Imperative for Enterprise Digital Transformation

What Is Cloud Governance and Why Will Enterprises Fail Without It?

The move to cloud is essential for enterprises to compete and transform in the modern world. However due to the ephemeral nature of cloud, the opaqueness of the underlying infrastructure and the frequent upgrades that often go unknown to enterprise customers/tenants, enterprises struggle to achieve cloud at scale without appropriate investments in governance and management. 

In this webinar,  attendees will hear how Concourse Labs has created a new paradigm to tackle governance issues related to the enterprise cloud. Learn how to protect your enterprise data, control your risk and accelerate cloud consumption in your organization with Concourse’s approach to automated cloud governance. 

The complexity of most modern organizations makes it nearly impossible for one team or even one person to understand a singular, comprehensive view of organizational governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). As a result, most organizations typically apply governance, risk, and compliance in an uncoordinated and nonaligned fashion resulting in data breaches, remediation costs, sanctions, fines and tarnished corporate reputation.

The digital economy requires organizations to differentiate faster than they can govern. Hear how the Concourse approach helps organizations ensure that all aspects of their deployment pipeline are protected and in compliance as delivery velocity increases in the cloud era.

What Makes Concourse Unique for Large Enterprises

Concourse Labs recognizes the need for automated governance and has created a new paradigm to tackle the problem as it relates to the cloud; a modern incarnation of enterprise governance: Automated Cloud Governance. Unlike other cloud governance systems, Concourse is designed from the start with the enterprise in mind. 

Join world-renowned IT industry trends authority Nick Lippis (Moderator), and Concourse Labs CEO Don Duet and Freddie Mac’s VP of Tech Strategy, Mike Ryan, to learn about:

  • Why automation is necessary as it relates to enterprise governance
  • How the ONUG Collaborative identified automated cloud governance as the first cross-industry, large enterprise issue to solve, as governance gets in the way of all digital transformation projects 
  • How the Concourse solution solves 4 major enterprise challenges:
    • Observability, verification and audit
    • Agile Governance, 
    • Continuous control verification, 
    • Automatic testing of infrastructure-as-code
  • How Concourse is a single source of truth for enterprise cloud governance
  • How Concourse is solving for the enterprise multi-cloud reality and challenge
  • Why only Concourse provides policies for every enterprise context

Who Should Attend?

  • Chief digital/technology and information officers 
  • Cloud architects and engineers
  • CyberSecurity, DevSecOps professionals
  • DevOps professionals
  • Network architects and engineers
  • Enterprise Cloud and Data Center Engineering
  • Security architects and engineers
  • CyberSecurity /Risk Infrastructure