Augtera | Executive Roundtable – AI in Networking
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Augtera | Executive Roundtable – AI in Networking

All industries are impacted by the application of AI and Machine learning-based technologies. The Network industry is not going to be an exception, because of the critical role played by IP connectivity to ICT (Information and Communications Technology), as we are experiencing every single day.

The opportunity is there because the network data proliferation creates ever-growing operational noise, and because there is an increasing aspiration to reconcile stringent application expectations with the underlying physical and virtual network infrastructures.

The goal of this session is to double-click this transition to Automated monitoring and operations based on AI/ML, by hearing from the “doers” their view on what are the triggers for this transformation, how they are addressing these challenges, and the lessons learned.

The panelists are distinguished leaders that will jointly provide multiple angles of this transformation of network operations across large-scale multi-cloud B2C and global Managed Service Provider (B2B) networks.


What Attendees Will Learn:

  • Key challenges of today’s operations and associated KPI
  • AI/ML perspectives on Networking and technology maturity
  • Lessons learned from early adopters
  • Recommendation on what matters the most to start with
  • Strategic end goals in this transformation journey


Who Should Attend?

  • CIO and Head of Network operations
  • Site Reliability Engineers and Devops team
  • NOC Engineers
  • Big data teams involved in ICT operations