A New Network for a Changing World
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A New Network for a Changing World

In an ever-changing digital world, we need enterprise-grade networking and security technology to let us capitalize on business efficiencies. The complexity of network transformation can be a huge challenge. Choosing the right networking partner can alleviate these challenges while ensuring proper compliance and security policies are met. Learn about key capabilities from NTT’s Gartner-recognized full-service solution including how we became known for improving network security and risk mitigation. Hear how one client transformed their network using our SDWan solution – a secure, cloud-ready managed service. We’ll also discuss our unique approach to designing, building, and managing networks and how they are fit for the changing work landscape and migrations of every complexity.

What You Will Learn?

  • What’s really needed to get the most out of your SDWan approach
  • How to evaluate the right platform for your objectives
  • What you need to know to maintain and evolve your SDWan strategy


Who Should Attend?

  • IT Middle and Upper Management including Directors, Managing Directors and VP’s
  • Network, Architecture, Ops, and Hybrid Cloud professionals