Roy Kaser

Roy Kaser
VP & CTO of Communications Solutions Business - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

In October of 2015 Roy accepted the above position within the newly formed Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. In this new role, Roy will help bring together the varying technology and business plays already existing with CSB as well as look at partnerships and acquisitions to broaden the offers that CSB can bring to bear. In addition, Roy will play a key role setting and implementing HPE’s Telco strategy as the company evolves. This new business opportunity covers the entire stack of infrastructure, applications and services in the heterogeneous cloud ecosystem.

In 2013 Roy was appointed as the CTO of the IP-Platforms Business Line within the revamped Alcatel-Lucent. In this role he was responsible not only for the technology aspects of the IP-Platforms portfolio of applications, but also as the lead for the implementation of NFV across all of Alcatel-Lucent products.

Previously, Roy was the COO and VP of Support in the Optical Division of Alcatel-Lucent where he managed the operational aspects of the Division while driving an aggressive and ultimately successful transformation program in refreshing its portfolio.

In 2008 Roy moved to Paris, France, to take on the global role as the Senior Director for all platforms in the Application Division. At this time he also acted as Senior Consultant advising the VP of Alcatel Lucent’s LTE Solutions team and the President of the Optics Division on design, testing, organizational and quality aspects of the products and R&D teams.

Earlier in his career, Roy undertook a variety of R&D roles starting as a development and design engineer and moving on to be the lead software architect across a broad range of technologies including Class 5, ATM, Broadband and Photonic Platforms. This also included the development of the common platform used across the Lucent Wireless portfolio.

Roy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from Butler University and obtained a Master of Science in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

Today Roy is based in the greater Chicago-land area and works extensively with his partners globally.


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