Rabia Hammad

Rabia Hammad
Pre-Sales Engineer - NetBrain Technologies

NetBrain builds a mathematical model of your network’s topology and underlying design and embeds it on a map. This allows NetBrain to map out the problem area during an outage and then automate virtually any diagnosis hence dramatically accelerating the troubleshooting process. It also allows you to deploy configuration updates across many devices at once, with just a click. After changes are made, you can automatically identify the impact they have on topology, routing, and more. NetBrain’s map-driven automation technology empowers network engineers with real-time intelligence, accelerate troubleshooting and reduce human errors caused by network change

Job Responsibilities:
• Determining and analyzing customers’ business issue and designing customized solution that NetBrain can offer to handle it.
• Presenting specifically designed solution to the customer and explaining how NetBrain can manage their networking needs.
• Conduct Proof of Concept (POC) and Proof of Delivery (POD) meetings with the customers to insure NetBrain is managing their network in a way they want.
• Providing pre and post sales technical support to the potential customers by on-site customer visits, web meetings, phone or email.
• Assisting the Sales team with any technical expertise that they need throughout the sales process.Building and identifying business case.
• Interact with technical support teams to resolve customers’ issues quickly.
• Train customers on how to use NetBrain to manage their network infrastructure
• Conducting weekly online product training classes.
. Representing Netbrain in trade shows
• Mentoring new hires on the software, solution design, professionalism and general presentation skills. Inspiring them to make a career developmental plan and align their professional goals with the company’s business goals.


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