Pradeep Kathail

Pradeep Kathail
CTO - Cisco

Pradeep Kathail is the Chief Network Architect of Intent Based Networking Group (IBNG) at Cisco, and is responsible for architecture, technology and standards strategy, innovation, and incubation of new technology.

His current focus areas are trustworthiness of network, rules-based engines for network diagnostics and compliance, as well as new market disruption coming from software defined IT infrastructure. He has led many large-scale OS infrastructure and system development projects.

Prior to Cisco, Pradeep held various technology management jobs at Apple, Novell, SITA and IBM.

He holds a MS Computer Science degree from IIT Roorkee, India.


CSNF Contributor
CSNF Contributor

Composed of top enterprise tech leaders and cloud providers, ONUG’s Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) contributors seek to standardize how cloud providers report security events, alerts and alarms. This framework will provide consumers with greater visibility and governance and will benefit to the entire cloud ecosystem.


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