Kris Rajana

Kris Rajana
Senior Vice President - Cloud Native Technologies - Rysun

Kris is Senior Vice President of Cloud Native Technologies at KCS. He is a leading expert on cloud technology and cloud security. Kris is responsible for engineering, management of distributed teams and execution. He is driven to ensure “on time / on spec / on quality” deliveries to global customers and has empowered some of the largest and most prestigious organizations and enterprises with secure / compliant cloud solutions.

Earlier, Kris was President at Biarca, a Cloud-native technology consultancy. Biarca takes a DevOps centric view of the world in building solutions around infrastructure modernization, cloud native applications, Analytics and Site Reliability Engineering.

Kris was Vice President of Engineering Services for Sullego, Inc a NAS startup with a state of the art product but had fallen victim to the economic downturn. Before that Kris was the Director of Program Management for Xyratex Storage Network System division and was instrumental in successfully launching a new product line of Storage Appliance to the market. Before joining Xyratex, Kris was Director of Program Management and offshore Engineering of Snap Appliance / Adaptec Inc. Before moving to the Bay Area, Kris was a member of the Advanced Sensor Technology Center at Goodrich Aerospace and was responsible for several successful research initiatives.

Kris is a Stanford Certified Program Manager and holds a Ph.D. from Penn State University.



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