Kevin Humphries

Kevin Humphries
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure Services - FedEx

Humphries is responsible for overseeing the development of strategic technology systems for FedEx, including data centers, networks, and field infrastructure support. He is also accountable for the enterprise technology systems used to capture information important to package movement as well as information security, business alignment, and customer technology. In this role, he has engendered a major, system-wide process of modernization and streamlining of applications that will take three years to complete. This process also includes standardizing the technologies that support all FedEx operations. Under his leadership, numerous teams are transforming hardware and software company-wide to create new levels of efficiency, speed, and synergy. Prior to joining FedEx, Humphries was a consultant with Accenture and worked to help link the revenue and shipping systems. He joined FedEx in 1993 and served in several capacities including Director of Sales Technology Support, Vice President of Line Haul Systems Technology, Senior Vice President of Customer and Revenue Systems, Senior Vice President of Ground Systems Development and oversight of FedEx Innovation Labs. He earned his degree in Business Administration from Texas A & M University. Humphries finds great similarity between his work and his other passion: NASCAR. In both cases, he recognizes that you need a firm grasp on the involved technologies as well as perfectly calibrated teamwork in order to succeed. Humphries is often asked to discuss IT issues, particularly data center design and related technology. This interest intensified after his team’s success in opening one of the very few LEED Gold Certified data centers in the country.


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