Greg Lavender

Greg Lavender
CTO, Citigroup Cloud Architecture and Infrastructure Engineering - Citigroup

Greg Lavender came to Citi from Cisco Systems, where he was the Corporate VP of Network Software Engineering. Greg led Cisco’s global engineering organization in several key efforts, including their platform independent networking protocol software and next generation virtualized embedding network OS.

Prior to Cisco, Greg spent 10 years at Sun Microsystems and then Oracle, serving as Senior Director of Software Engineering and then as Vice President of Engineering for Solaris. He was responsible for development of OpenSolaris and the Solaris 11 Operating System, including the Solaris Kernel, Networking, Infiniband, Virtualization, application runtime environment, as well as high performance computing technologies, cloud computing, and low latency high bandwidth data center networking and storage technology. He also served as CTO for the Network Identity, Messaging and Portal Software Division for the Sun Open Networking Environment.

Prior to Sun, Greg cofounded two successful Internet software venture, ISODE Inc, and Critical Angle, Inc. At ISODE and Critical Angle, Greg pioneered the X.500 and LDAP directory protocols and implemented high-end multiprocessor network servers using Internet and OSI protocols. As Chief Scientist, he commercialized early LDAPv3 directory servers, proxy servers, and SDKs. Critical Angle was acquired by Innosoft International, which in turn was acquired by Sun Microsystems.

Greg has an M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech. He has also worked as a Networking Research Scientist and Computer Science Professor conducting advanced R&D on virtual machine architectures, network protocols, and distributed systems. He began his career in the early 1980s implementing TCP/IP and other early Internet protocols on IBM VM/CMS and MVS mainframes, BSD Unix minicomputers, Sun/DEC workstations, and specialized network processors.


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