Erick Moore

Erick Moore
Principal Solutions Architect - Prosimo

Erick is a seasoned IT professional with over two decades of diverse experience in enterprise IT, both as a customer and a vendor. Throughout his career, Erick has worked with small and large enterprises, demonstrating expertise in data center technologies, automation, and security. He is passionate about delivering positive outcomes and crafting creative solutions by leveraging his technical knowledge and extensive experience.

Having held national management roles at NetApp and worked at two pre-IPO startups, Erick has a strong background in driving innovation and growth. In his previous role as a Principal Cloud Architect at Microsoft, he created and led a program designed to bridge the gap between legacy and modern infrastructure management solutions, showcasing his ability to modernize and optimize IT environments.

Erick’s dedication to problem-solving and customer success is evident in every aspect of his work. Currently, at Prosimo, he continues to apply his expertise in enterprise IT to help businesses navigate the complexities of cloud adoption and achieve their goals with practical, real-world solutions.



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