Eric Williams

Eric Williams
Infrastructure Solutions Architect - MWH Global

Eric drives technology strategy for the network, telecom and datacenter environments at MWH Global, the “wet” infrastructure leader. He leads the transformation, design, development and quality assurance of MWH’s IT infrastructure and has delivered an agile, higher bandwidth, high performance Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) with hundreds of routers connecting 135 branch offices, in 21 countries across six continents.

MWH Global specializes in strategic consulting, technical engineering, environmental and construction services for clients in multiple industries, focusing on water, energy and environmental services. The MWH business is project driven so speed, agility and a dynamic global WAN are critical to scale the business. The company achieved efficiencies and cost savings through simplified deployment and management of its WAN infrastructure. MWH migrated from a lower performance, inflexible MPLS network that often required 3+ months to provision a new site’s MPLS connection, to a highly resilient broadband network that can quickly connect remote sites worldwide in minutes.


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