Chris Christou

Chris Christou
Principal/Director, Secure Cloud and SDN - Booz Allen Hamilton

Chris Christou leads IT infrastructure projects for Booz Allen clients, including those related to network engineering, cloud/data center infrastructure, unified communications, and SDN. For Booz Allen’s Secure Cloud offerings, Chris led engineering efforts to implement a suite of integrated security products that protect applications and data hosted in both on-premises and commercial cloud environments. Chris leads Booz Allen’s SDN initiatives that engineered capabilities to help our clients integrate new SDN-based products into their networks. Booz Allen integrated SDN capabilities into an open source Cloud Orchestration tool (codename: Jellyfish) that enables the automated provisioning of both computing and networking resources when deploying applications and systems in the cloud. Prior to joining Booz Allen, Chris was a network engineer at UUNet and Mitretek systems and led a software development project for Hughes STX. Chris holds a M.S. in Telecommunications and a Graduate Certificate in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland (College Park) Clark School of Engineering.


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