Arun Satyanarayana

Arun Satyanarayana
Sr. Distinguished Engineer - Juniper Networks

Arun is a software engineer with over 25 years of experience in IP routing, distributed systems, virtualization, datacenter & cloud networking, SDN and automation. At Juniper, he is focused on multi cloud and hybrid cloud networking. Prior to Juniper, Arun co-founded and was the CTO of an edge computing startup building a platform for managing applications spanning public clouds and edge sites.

He has spent a good part of his life implementing routing and signaling protocols, MPLS and GMPLS control planes with emphasis on fault tolerance, scale and performance at service provider scale.

In his last stint at Cisco, Arun led network telemetry at scale from routing platforms, which was pivotal in building a closed loop network automation platform for the service provider segment.



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