Aaron Maben

Aaron Maben
Corporate Sales Engineer, Security - Cradlepoint

Aaron is the Corporate Solutions Engineer for Security at Cradlepoint and approaches everything with what the well-known poet and philosopher, Deadpool, calls “maximum effort”. Whether leading an intra-departmental security team, building interoperability solutions for the highest echelons of government, or just mowing the lawn, he always approaches projects with 100% focus and dedication.

At Cradlepoint, Aaron is a global resource for security related customer engagements, including configuration of security features, training on platform security, managing customer requests regarding vendor due diligence and security assessments, and acting as a liaison with Cradlepoint’s internal security team. Prior to his security role at Cradlepoint, Aaron was a Federal Solutions Engineer, drawing upon his active-duty military background as a tactical communicator to deliver unique, novel, and effective solutions to military units and civilian agencies.


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