The Private 5G Event at ONUG FALL

The Future of Private 5G Networks for Enterprise Mobility Applications

Unleashing the Power of Private 5G at the Cloud Edge

October 24-25, 2023, Chelsea Industrial, New York City

Private 5G Conference Sessions at ONUG Fall

P5G Session 1
The State of Private 5G Networks
This keynote session will lead off with a wireless industry analyst presenting an overview of the current market for private 5G networks and projections for future growth. Then an executive from a leading player in private 5G will describe the business drivers and compelling benefits for enterprises deploying private 5G networks, enabling new applications and use cases that will underpin an array of digital transformation initiatives. Private 5G promises to be a real enterprise game changer. Attend this session to learn why.
P5G Session 2
Enterprise Wireless Options: WiFi vs. Private LTE vs. Private 5G
This panel discussion, moderated by a wireless industry analyst, will feature representatives from wireless service providers, equipment vendors and large enterprises, who will discuss and debate the role of WiFi vs. private cellular and the relative strengths and weaknesses of each approach for typical enterprise use cases. Will WiFi continue to dominate for in-building connectivity, or will it be complemented or supplanted by private 5G? Panelists will also weigh in on the criteria for choosing between private LTE vs. private 5G for cellular wireless.
P5G Session 3
Winning Use Cases for Private 5G
This panel discussion features representatives from wireless service providers, equipment vendors, system integrators and large enterprises, who will describe a wide range of compelling use cases for private 5G across a number of key industry verticals, such as agriculture, energy, healthcare, industrial and manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing. Attend to learn why private 5G networks are an ideal solution for mobile connectivity in environments featuring highly mobile users, IoT devices and connected smart machines such as robots, autonomous guided vehicles and drones.
P5G Session 4
Private 5G Deployment Scenarios
This panel discussion features representatives from wireless service providers, equipment vendors, system integrators and large enterprises, and will describe a range of options for deploying private 5G networks. Enterprises can deploy a self-contained network with all of the 5G network infrastructure onsite, or enterprises can install only the 5G radios on-site and utilize 5G Core network functions operating in a service provider's network or hosted in the cloud. For use cases requiring device mobility across a large geographic area, 5G network slicing will also enable service providers to deliver a private 5G network experience utilizing public network infrastructure.
P5G Session 5
Case Study: Deploying Private Cellular in CBRS Spectrum
This panel will feature a large enterprise that has successfully deployed a private cellular network in CBRS spectrum and will include CBRS experts from wireless service providers, equipment vendors and system integrators. Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) operates in the 3.5 GHz band and provides access to this shared spectrum using a three-tier model that ensures access for incumbent users (primarily the U.S. Navy) while providing for the purchase of Priority Access Licenses (PAL) that are granted priority over the lowest, shared-access tier: General Authorized Access (GAA). Attend this session to understand the nuances of this exciting option for private LTE and private 5G enterprise networks.

EducaTIonal Workshops

ONUG is inviting suppliers, service providers and solution integrators to conduct P5G educational workshops at the ONUG Private 5G Event.
These sessions will be targeted at enterprise IT professionals and run approximately 2 hours, providing important technical information relevant for enterprises planning, installing and operating P5G networks.
Potential topics for workshops include:
  • P5G testing and service assurance
  • Private cellular spectrum planning and acquisition,
  • Reference architectures for multiple deployment models,
  • 5G New Radio technology,
  • 5G device technology
  • 3GPP’s 5G Service Based Architecture.
Workshop sponsors will coordinate with ONUG to promote participation in workshops and attendance at the Private 5G Event. ONUG and the workshop sponsor will present certificates of completion to workshop participants.