Keynote: The State of Private 5G Networks

Fall 2023

The Private 5G Event will kick off with a leading wireless industry analyst presenting an overview of the global market for private 5G networks and projections for future growth. What are the key business drivers and compelling benefits for enterprises deploying private 5G networks? How can private 5G enable new applications and use cases underpinning enterprise digital transformation initiatives? What are the technical issues governing adoption? Private 5G promises to be a real enterprise game changer. Attend this session to learn why.


-Overview of the global market for private 5G networks

-Insights into the future adoption and growth of private 5G

-Business drivers and benefits of enterprise private 5G networks

-New applications and use cases enabling digital transformation initiatives

– Technical issues governing widespread OT and IT adoption

Who Should Attend:

-IT and Technology Leaders

-CIOs, CTOs, and IT Directors

-Network and Telecom Managers

-IoT Solution Architects

-Industry Analysts and Researchers

-Service Providers and Vendors in the 5G and networking space

-Anyone interested in understanding the impact of private 5G networks on enterprise

digital transformation

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