The ONUG Collaborative ACG Working Group

An opportunity for the cloud services vendor community and cloud service providers to work together with cloud end users to solve real world problems that not only benefit their organization, but the industry as a whole.

The ONUG Collaborative ACG working group is focused on Automated Cloud Governance (ACG) and developing a Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF).

The desired outcome of CSNF is to demonstrate multi-cloud provider security streams of a tenant’s resources containing common definitions and syntax of common events, logs, alerts, etc., upon which an enterprise governance/policy controller can take appropriate action. Demonstrations of this work are to take place at ONUG Spring and Fall 2021 conferences.

Membership in the ACG working group includes the appointment of 2 or more product managers or engineers. If you are interested in becoming part of the ACG Working Group, you may fill out the application available on this page.
For more information, contact Paul Agranat

Annual Membership Pricing

Join large enterprise cloud customers and product managers of cloud solution providers in a working group. Appoint the appropriate executive(s) to participate in building the Cloud Security Notification Framework. Cost to participate:


Series D and greater than 75 employees

(25% applied to Spring and Fall ONUG)


Series A-C with less than 75 employees

(25% applied to Spring and Fall ONUG)


Pre-Series A

(50% applied to Spring and Fall ONUG)

Request to Join the Collaborative ACG Working Group

Benefits to Participating in Collaborative Working Group

  • Opportunity to influence the requirements development, technology adoption, and future direction of the CSNF big tent initiative by joining with leaders in the CSNF working group.
  • Be a voting member for CSNF working group activities and deliverables.
  • Gain industry recognition through involvement in CSNF Working Group.
  • Network with other members and industry experts to create and develop critical collaborations and partnerships.
  • Create and lead/co-lead new testbeds, provide lab environment, resources, or join in ONUG member testbeds.
  • Access ONUG and CSNF research reports, white papers, industry scenarios and other material produced by ONUG.
  • Participate in all ONUG Working groups including; AIOps, Elastic Infrastructure, Orchestration and Automation, Cloud Security, Observability.
  • Possible public speaking opportunities through the ONUG events, related to CSNF relevant topics.
  • Additional branding in CSNF related marketing materials, research, associated CSNF press announcements and/or social media.
  • Listing as an author on work contributed to CSNF and thought leadership documentation.
  • Member’s company CEO to support initiative in a public statement.
  • Company logo displayed on ONUG materials and hotlink to your website.
  • Receive 1 yr unlimited license to host, post, display CSNF logo on products, services
  • Receive credits of membership dues to be applied to ONUG Conference Sponsorships
  • Receive 15% discounting on CSNF verification testing
  • Dedicate one to two engineers/product managers to participate in the working group
  • Receive the annual ONUG Collaborative Report with detailed survey results from ONUG Community members providing the definitive view of the state of the enterprise cloud.