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The Private 5G Working Group is for IT leaders across leading industry verticals who are seeking to adopt private cellular networks, as well as vendors, service providers and solutions integrators who are active in deploying private wireless networks, including WiFi, LTE and 5G. This newly formed 2023 Working Group will focus on Private 5G (P5G) adoption issues and challenges.

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Private 5G

What We’re Working On

The Private 5G Working Group is focused on education around Private 5G capabilities and the key technical enablers to adoption as well as the potential obstacles.

The Private 5G (P5G) Working Group will play a vital role in educating enterprises about capabilities that are technically feasible today and capabilities that will be realized only when standards progress further, devices with the latest chips become available or regulators free up additional 5G spectrum.

As the voice of the large enterprise, ONUG has excelled at identifying potential obstacles to the adoption of new networking technologies. This Working Group will zero in on the key technical enablers for P5G while calling out key blocking issues for specific deployment models or use cases.

Any large enterprise that adopts a new networking technology is faced with a host of issues for fully operationalizing that technology in the context of the company’s best practices and internal compliance requirements for network and security operations teams. The P5G Working Group will address these P5G related operational issues such as coexistence and convergence of P5G and WiFi networks, uniform methods for defining application QoS and security policies, network observability methods and APIs for programmatic control.

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Private 5G Education and Resources for Successful Outcomes

The P5G Working Group members will collaborate to develop and publish one or more enterprise P5G playbooks documenting guidelines and best practices in the following areas:

• Use case analysis, including technical requirements and business ROI
• Possible deployment models and suitability  for specific use cases
• P5G service profiles for specific types of applications and connected devices
• Accessing P5G spectrum; selecting P5G radios; RF planning and network design
• P5G network installation, testing and service assurance

For more information on the private 5G network ecosystem and to garner an understanding of the roles of the types of companies that enterprises can partner with to achieve successful outcomes, read the newest post from the Private 5G Blog Series 

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